Inventory Management


EDI Compatibility & Online Store Integration

Web inventory integration services from Intellectual Fulfillment Service can provide real time data reporting services for monitoring active inventory levels. The software provides an online resource to monitor daily shipments and units received on a daily basis. Coupled with EDI integration, which can serve to report sales levels from individual retailers, the online web integration services instituted by IFS can provide real time data of sales figures, inventory figures, and other important reporting functions crucial to commercial operations. Online notifications are sent at specified intervals or accessed immediately through the IFS web site giving inventory updates, forecasted inventory 0 count, and other relevant information about the account.

Active Inventory Deployment

Cyclical product shipment counts provide valuable information for the morphing of warehouse bin locations. Packaging reports determine which items are the "hottest" sellers. Moveable bins are then reorganized according to which items are expected to be these hottest sellers. IFS's clearly labeled, moveable inventory bins allow the fastest product turn around. Active inventory deployment assists in maximizing the efficiency of the warehouse, in turn, promoting lower operating costs and better pricing for IFS clients.

Custom Inventory Accommodation

Certain accounts require assembly or shipment processing lines due to the high volume of parcels they send out. Other accounts require specialized storage. Perishable items, high security items, limited load items, etc - all require special inventory attention. IFS's inventory managers properly assign and handle products according to quality control and efficiency standards. IFS has the highest inventory standards in the fulfillment industry for storage and inventory operations.

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